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Mom Saw Need for Mindful Emailing Way Back in 1979

The Old-School Version of Tweeting In 1979, my fourth grade class was rocked by a major note-passing scandal. Back then, we wrote notes with the same frequency and flair that girls now text, tweet, Instagram, and SnapChat.  The delivery system could be a problem, however, as notes could be intercepted by observant nuns. Sister Paula […]

Left brain - right brain

Dealing with Your Noisy Left Brain: How to Reconcile Your Differences

I have a very loud, very busy left brain that I call Lefty.  (For those neuroanatomy purists, I use the term ‘left brain’ loosely.  Our brains aren’t so neatly divided, but humor me for ease of description.) Four things about Lefty before I get to our current dilemma: 1.  Lefty is my highly verbal, analytical […]

Sleep Hygiene

Tired of Counting Sheep? Try Sleep Hygiene

Note: This is the fifth post in my stress relief series.  Others cover an overview of the stress response, diaphragmatic breathing, the stress pride epidemic, and progressive muscle relaxation. Sleep and Stress: A Bad Romance Stress and sleep are not compatible. Stress disrupts sleep, leading to a whole host of other problems besides grogginess (and […]

Progressive muscle relaxation: treat yourself to immediate relief

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Treat Yourself to Immediate Relief

Note: This is the fourth post in a series on stress relief.  I recommend that you read the earlier posts for a strong foundation.  They cover the stress response from a physical, mental, and emotional perspective, the benefits and practice of diaphragmatic breathing, and our culture’s problem with stress pride. Feel Better Now Today, we’re […]

Are YOU the Bad Apple?

‘Bad Apple’ Situations: How to Prevent Yourself and Others from Spoiling

One Bad Apple Spoils the Whole Bunch. There’s a reason that this saying has survived for so long. It’s true – for apples and for people. Research shows that negativity is infectious and leads to rotting of moods, well-being, physical health, and relationships. A 2010 New York Times article found that one Bad Apple in […]

Coping with Cancer

Coping with Cancer: How Simple Words Can Be a Powerful Support

When It Rains, It Pours Last week, we found out my mom has breast cancer.  She’s having surgery tomorrow.  One minute, she was fine, and the next, she’s facing The Big C. My sister-in-law Angie was diagnosed with stomach cancer on February 22nd and died April 19th.  2013 has been one unlucky year when it […]