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The PAID Reality

Organizations across the globe are facing a productivity crisis. The ability to focus on tasks at work is rapidly declining. Why? Because in a pressured, always-on, information overloaded and distracted work reality, our attention comes under siege. It’s the PAID reality.

DistractionsAccenture Institute of Strategic Change has come to the clear conclusion that understanding and managing attention is now the single most important determinant of business success.” Research shows that the PAID reality leads to our being off-task 46.9% of the time. That means we are only really focused on our work half of our working hours.

You can’t be effective if you’re not paying attention, and where you place your attention determines your thoughts, choices, actions, and ultimately, your and your organization’s success.

Welcome to the Attention Economy.

The solution? Mindfulness training

Brain-imageAlso referred to as mental effectiveness or brain training, mindfulness training enables you to be calm, clear and focused – at will. You have the power to decide where to focus and to maintain that focus when needed to get critical tasks completed effectively. The result: more engagement and productivity with less stress.

Leading companies like Google, Nike, Sony, GE, Accenture, and Starwood are turning to mindfulness training so they can excel and innovate, even under these demanding conditions. Extensive research shows that mindfulness training improves effectiveness, job satisfaction, engagement, and business results, among many other benefits. It’s a win-win for both individuals and companies, giving organizations a competitive edge.

Potential-Project-logoWith over 250 clients in 25 countries and over 40,000 people served, The Potential Project is the global leader in providing customized organizational effectiveness programs based on mindfulness. The Potential Project utilizes both business expertise and the latest neuroscience research to create mental effectiveness training (brain training) programs. These programs been proven to enhance individual and organizational performance, resilience, and creativity.

Corporate Based Mindfulness Training Programs

I partner with you to understand your organization’s needs, pain points, and vision to create a customized program that meets your specific training needs. Programs teach participants the principles and practice of mindfulness in the workplace. Through engaging, interactive sessions, they will learn simple, powerful exercises and research-based strategies to help bring the benefits of mindfulness into their workday and into their lives:


Learn and practice simple, powerful exercises you can practice daily to strengthen your focus and awareness


Discover how to bring mindfulness to daily activities such as setting priorities, meetings, communications, time management, and navigating change


Cultivate mental attitudes and approaches that will help you meet workplace challenges more effectively

Corporate Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT) includes:

  • Weekly classes. Interactive, engaging 60-90 minute sessions with specific themes, strategies, and training based on the week’s topic
  • Daily practice. Ten minutes of daily practice using simple, powerful mindfulness exercises.
  • Participant resources. A participant workbook, handy cards, a practice app, and weekly emails with additional information, articles, and other resources.

In addition to weekly CBMT training, I also offer a 3-day CBMT Leadership Summit that includes the principles, exercises, and strategies specifically tailored to a leadership development context. This program is an intensive immersion experience designed for senior leaders interested in implementing mindfulness throughout their organizations to maximize their own and their company’s performance.

Moving Forward

To find out more about CBMT and the programs, testimonials, and research supporting these programs, visit the Potential Project website. To explore how we can customize a CBMT program to help your organization gain a competitive advantage in today’s attention economy, send me an email. I look forward to starting the conversation.

All photo credits: The Potential Project