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When Your Commute Sucks, Make It a Joyride

While Ram Dass was absolutely right in cautioning that “If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family,” you don’t need to leave town for this reality check.  You can get it every morning when you commute. Based on mine, I was probably adding 13 lifetimes to my tab every single day. […]

Mom Saw Need for Mindful Emailing Way Back in 1979

The Old-School Version of Tweeting In 1979, my fourth grade class was rocked by a major note-passing scandal. Back then, we wrote notes with the same frequency and flair that girls now text, tweet, Instagram, and SnapChat.  The delivery system could be a problem, however, as notes could be intercepted by observant nuns. Sister Paula […]

Ditch the Resolutions – Just Show Up

It’s January, and we all know what that means: resolution time.  With a January 5 birthday, I feel double the pressure to take stock and make detailed plans for the year. Like most Americans, by mid-February I’ve not only stopped following my resolutions, I’ve also completely forgotten what they even were. […]

Left brain - right brain

Dealing with Your Noisy Left Brain: How to Reconcile Your Differences

I have a very loud, very busy left brain that I call Lefty.  (For those neuroanatomy purists, I use the term ‘left brain’ loosely.  Our brains aren’t so neatly divided, but humor me for ease of description.) Four things about Lefty before I get to our current dilemma: 1.  Lefty is my highly verbal, analytical […]

Clearing your energy field

Your Energy Field Is a VIP Space: Be Your Own Bouncer

I wrote a few weeks ago about Bad Apples – those people who contage others with their negativity.  We’ve probably all been one at some time or another. Today’s post is about the other side: what you choose to take in. Lots of us unconsciously (or even consciously) take in lots of other people’s garbage […]

Sleep Hygiene

Tired of Counting Sheep? Try Sleep Hygiene

Note: This is the fifth post in my stress relief series.  Others cover an overview of the stress response, diaphragmatic breathing, the stress pride epidemic, and progressive muscle relaxation. Sleep and Stress: A Bad Romance Stress and sleep are not compatible. Stress disrupts sleep, leading to a whole host of other problems besides grogginess (and […]

Progressive muscle relaxation: treat yourself to immediate relief

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Treat Yourself to Immediate Relief

Note: This is the fourth post in a series on stress relief.  I recommend that you read the earlier posts for a strong foundation.  They cover the stress response from a physical, mental, and emotional perspective, the benefits and practice of diaphragmatic breathing, and our culture’s problem with stress pride. Feel Better Now Today, we’re […]

Stress pride is a huge problem

Stress Pride: Stop the Insanity

Note: This is the third in a series of articles on stress and stress management.  Go here for an overview of the stress response and here for the benefits and guide to deep breathing.  When it comes to being stressed and proud of it, our culture is sick.  It’s very, very sick. The other day, […]

Diaphragmatic breathing for stress management

Every Breath You Take: The Deceptively Simple Power of Diaphragmatic Breathing

Note: This is the second post in a Stress Relief Series Welcome back!  If you didn’t read my last blog post, I recommend you go back there to get the foundation on how the stress response works.  For those who did, I hope you had a chance to monitor your own unique stress triggers and […]

stress management techniques

Stress Relief: A Series on Preventing and Managing Stress

A Nasty Strain of Stress Is Going Around Lately, it seems like most people I know are really stressed out. I’m completely overwhelmed.  I want to hide under the covers and never come out. I can’t turn my brain off at night, so I’m exhausted, which makes everything worse – and now I’m biting everyone’s […]