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Everything Is Borrowed, Including Our Time Here

This proverb landed in my inbox like a profound gift today.   It put lots of things into perspective.  As I thought about what meaning I could take from a friend who’s in critical condition, I realized that we have no guarantees, that it’s our job every single day to be clear about what’s important, to […]

Philip Seymour Hoffman: Just Like Me

An Unhappy Ending Like so many others, I was deeply saddened by the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. I’d been an admirer for much of my adult life, watching in amazement as he disappeared into each role, completely embodying his characters and making it look effortless, which it surely was not. His death was a […]

Sleep Hygiene

Tired of Counting Sheep? Try Sleep Hygiene

Note: This is the fifth post in my stress relief series.  Others cover an overview of the stress response, diaphragmatic breathing, the stress pride epidemic, and progressive muscle relaxation. Sleep and Stress: A Bad Romance Stress and sleep are not compatible. Stress disrupts sleep, leading to a whole host of other problems besides grogginess (and […]

On Being a Nomad: ‘Without Home’ – But Never Homeless

The Big Leap I’ve been a nomad for 20 months now, traveling and staying with friends and family.  I took this sabbatical to pursue study, travel and explore, and to have some unforgettable experiences. As I peruse Craig’s List apartment listings (it’s time), I’m reflecting on this incredible journey and what it meant. This is […]