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  • Everything Is Borrowed, Including Our Time Here

    This proverb landed in my inbox like a profound gift today.   It put lots of things into perspective.  As I thought about what meaning I could take from a friend who’s in critical condition, I realized that we have no guarantees, that it’s our job every single day to be clear about what’s important, to […]

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  • When Your Commute Sucks, Make It a Joyride

    While Ram Dass was absolutely right in cautioning that “If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family,” you don’t need to leave town for this reality check.  You can get it every morning when you commute. Based on mine, I was probably adding 13 lifetimes to my tab every single day. […]

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  • Mom Saw Need for Mindful Emailing Way Back in 1979

    The Old-School Version of Tweeting In 1979, my fourth grade class was rocked by a major note-passing scandal. Back then, we wrote notes with the same frequency and flair that girls now text, tweet, Instagram, and SnapChat.  The delivery system could be a problem, however, as notes could be intercepted by observant nuns. Sister Paula […]

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